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Buildings on Tampa

Tampa is Florida’s third largest city, home to nearly 400K residents, and a major part of the metropolitan region known as the Tampa Bay Area. History and charm draw many transplants to Tampa, including from other areas of Florida. Just by glancing at the city’s skyline, one gets the sense that this city means business!

Tampa’s job market is growing slightly faster than the U.S. average. Many families relocate to Tampa for the abundance and range of blue and white-collar jobs available. Tampa has a large Spanish-speaking population, so there are a lot more bilingual job opportunities than you might find elsewhere.

Tampa has a rich cultural diversity. The cost of living in Tampa is reasonable when you consider what you get for the money, especially further from the city’s epicenter. If you want to live close to the beach, your dream can become a reality in Tampa without needing a six-figure income.

Where to live in Tampa will depend entirely on the quality of life you desire. There are hidden gem neighborhoods full of character, thriving local businesses, and amazing restaurants tucked throughout the Tampa area. There are also spacious suburbs offering planned communities with homeowners’ associations (HOA) and board members ensure residents’ needs are met. This type of community is ideal for young families, retirees and snowbirds looking to get away for the winter.

Speaking of the weather, in Tampa you can enjoy your favorite outdoor activities all year round. Temps rarely rise above 100F in the summer and usually dip no lower than 30F in the winter. With easy boat access, stand up paddling, biking/running trails near the bay, concerts, casinos, golf (not too far away) and professional ice hockey, it’s no wonder so many people are moving to Tampa!

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