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HUD HOME Procedures & Information:

  • HUD homes are sold as-is, where is, without repair or remediation.
  • HUD homes may or may not be eligible for an FHA loan. Insurability status may be found on Below is the insurability codes:
    IN: Insured IE: Insured with Repair Escrow UN: Uninsured
  • The ONLY source for HUD property availability, specific bidder eligibility, bid deadlines, and all other terms and conditions is
  • FAQ’s, HUD Forms, links to HUD’s website, and additional information can be found on the asset manager’s website:
    8A Florida Asset Manager: Raine Company Website

You MUST have a NAID ( Name Address Identifier) to Bid

You can check your NAID status by visiting Only Principle Brokers may register for or obtain a NAID number. Agents of the Principal Broker must use the NAID number from their Principal Broker.

Registration on the HUD Home Store Website:
Real estate Principal Brokers, must be registered with HUD in order to show, sell, or receive a commission on any HUD property. Principal Brokers may not share their HUD Homestore accounts with their agents. Agents are to use the Principal Broker’s NAID number to establish their own individual account on If you have questions or concerns you may call the HUD Help Desk at 866-777-2034 (7 am CST – 7 pm CST), Mon-Fri, for assistance with NAID or bidding problems.

HUD offers a minimum commission on properties they have deemed “hard to sell”. All other homes are offered with a 3% commission that you may decrease when placing your bid to increase your Net to HUD. Please visit the HUD Homestore website to confirm the commission HUD is offering on each property. Certain conditions may apply.

HUD Listing Brokers DO NOT have access to bidding information that includes the following:

  • Property Availability
  • Number of Bids Received
  • Bid Amounts
  • Status of Bids
  • Counter Offer Information
  • HUD Listing Brokers DO NOT negotiate on behalf of HUD or Raine Company

HUD makes no warranties or guarantees to the property’s condition. It is the buyer agent’s responsibility to review the Property Condition Report (PCR), contained within the HUD Homestore website under the “addendums” tab, to see if the PCR notes any deficiencies or concerns to the mechanicals of the property. If deficiencies are noted, HUD’s Field Service Manager (FSM) may not permit the connection of the utility service for the purpose of inspections. In these cases, your home inspector may be able to air test and/or generator test the mechanical systems. It is your responsibility to ensure that this option is acceptable to your buyer and/or lender.

  • HUD does not authorize or make repairs, improvements, or remediation to any HUD property in order to comply with loan conditions. Buyers may not place any improvement, remediation, or personal items in the home before closing. Trespassers may be prosecuted and items left in the home may be discarded.
  • HUD will not adjust the sales price due to insufficient appraisal value, condition, damage, or inspections. HUD home buyers must select the title company or real estate attorney of their choice. The closing agent/title company must be registered with HUD to perform the closing. It is the buyer’s agent’s responsibility to register non-approved closing agents and ensure they meet HUD’s insurance and license rules and regulations.
  • HUD home buyers are responsible for all closing costs (seller’s and buyer’s excluding the commissions), the cost of rekeying the home after closing (they may not have the HUD key), and all inspection costs (excluding WDO & LBP report/treatment for FHA buyers only**). (*Buyers may request up to 3% of the sales price for closing costs from HUD when placing their bid. HUD will apply this toward ALL closing costs, seller’s and buyer’s, at closing. Any unused portion will be credited back to HUD, not the buyer. **LBP remediation costs are only covered up to $4,000. If they exceed this amount, the entire cost of remediation will fall on the buyer.)
  • HUD will not make any contributions/concessions toward any closing costs (seller’s and buyer’s) on investor transactions.

Bidding Details:
A complete bidding guide and e-signature guidelines may be found by following the link below:

If you need assistance or have further questions please call or text Jennifer Kraschinsky at 352.552.8260 for an *immediate response from 7 am – 9 pm 7 days a week. You may also email me at *non-urgent matters may not be responded to during the weekend or holiday hours. Now offering complimentary live and virtual HUD training for offices or individual agents to schedule a training please email Jennifer Kraschinsky at

Toll-Free voice only (800)-339-4168